Die Gespräche, 1994

Three audio-guides are made available to the visitors at the Hamburg Ethnographic Museum, in relation to the Oceanian,
West-African, and Chinese collections on display, partly in the languages corresponding with the collections: Indonesian, Ewe
and Chinese. These audio tours contain first person narratives and lively conversations between non-european guests and the artist. Questions were posed in German, answers were given in the respective languages. However, integral translations were purposefully omitted in the editing, enabling the listener to sense
a lack in the representation of cultures – by means of oral or written word of these very cultures – in many ethnographic museums in
the Western world. A related publication with commissioned essays broadened the discoursive and museological perspectives.

Die Gespräche [The Conversations] has been produced by, and is part of the public art program of the City of Hamburg

Views at Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde