Fog Friend Font Plays, 2019 – ongoing

The set of publications of Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense is launched in presentations to general and specialized audiences. For each presentation, a context related playlist of musical material performing modes of cultural translation is compiled and displayed on a poster. The serial poster design
has been created by Valerio Di Lucente.

Playing the music allows for the presentation to temporarily turn into a conversation piece, making the sonic space of multi-
lingualism – its social, personal, and cultural aspects – palpable.

Events so far:
Kunsthalle Basel, September 2019
Art and Design Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica
del Perú, Lima, October 2019
Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, December 2019
Never Stop Reading Bookstore, Zurich; October 2021

Views from the events, as well as the poster series, used so far