Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense, 2019

Four softcovers, a hardcover, a vinyl record, a dustjacket,
and a cover sheet, English, Inuktitut, and partially other languages, arranged in a layered set.

Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense is the editorial framework for a unique set of discursively related publications. Initiated and overseen by Hinrich Sachs, together with Fredrik Ehlin, it comprises seven items, conceptualised, developed, and designed in collaboration with commissioned authors.

Each title sheds light on different vital practices and the trans-
formative developments occurring in the realm of writing and speaking today as triggered by digital communication. These shifts are part of a cultural process, which is being shaped by structural multilingualism, a transformation impacting many parts of the globe.

Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense can be thought of as a constellation of voices that paint a semiotic landscape while shaping the notion of language as the ‘place’ of globalisation.

The set, as published by Humboldt Books, Milan, comprises:

Ear, Mind, Eye, Pad, a compilation of txt messages by contributors with backgrounds speaking Basque, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss German

Tulugaq & Further Songs, a record featuring E.A. Poe’s
The Raven in Inuktitut, translated and interpreted by Jaypeetee Arnakak, as well as original songs by recording artists Kelly Fraser, Agaaqtoq, and Jordan Muckpah

Music as Seismographic Sound: Tracking Down the Idea of Cultural Translation, a proposal for a radio feature, by radio journalist Ania Mauruschat

A Written Orality: The Canadian Inuit and Their Language, an essay by anthropologist Louis-Jacques Dorais

Who Invented One and Zero? A Communal History of Mathematics, told for young readers by Hinrich Sachs and illustrator Katrine Clante

“A Mixture of semantics, poetry and marketing.” Approaches to the Typeface Design of Inuktitut Syllabics, an essay by graphic designer David Bennewith

– and a dustjacket to be placed around the existing paperback publication Inuktitut Essentials: A Phrasebook, published in 2016 by Pirurvik Press, Iqaluit, Canada, which can be obtained via mail order by writing to the publisher

The set is available via,
selected titles via co-publishers,,,
as well as a PDF download.