Freizeit, 1993

Freizeit [Leisure Time (Hinrich Sachs in conversation with
Prof Dr Thiele, Director of the Stuttgart Ethnographic Museum)]
has been conceived, written, and prepared for being published in a German art magazine, to coincide with a gallery exhibition. Next to an interview conducted with the director of the museum, seven illustrations were painted (acrylic on aluminium, 30 x 40 cm),
based on activities in the very museum.

As the original publishing fell through, the work was repeatedly shown formatted as a mounted layout, accompanied by one or more paintings. A version with the text in French has been realized in 1998. In 2010, the work was first published in print.

Views from the exhibition at Ausstellungsbüro Michael Schill, Stuttgart, in 1993, Galerie Skopia, Geneva, the catalogue of Art Basel 33, both in 2002, and a private collection, Basel