Museum (merveilleux, amazing, einfach schön), 2007

Polychrome pvc, 26.5 x 235 x 120 cm, steel wire, red ochre coloured freestanding wall as backdrop, dimensions adjusted to
the site, 15 inch flatscreen, MPEG2 file, 15:14min

A large architectural model, based on the Musée du quai Branly,
a museum for non-western cultures in Paris, is floating at eye level, lit, against the backdrop of a monochrome wall. A label-like flatscreen is playing press clippings referring to the planning of the Paris museum, as of 1996. It had caused strong controversies and protests until its opening in 2006, as the new building was related to the closure of three older, renowed museums in the city, from which the exhibits for the new museum were extracted. Questions on how to exhibit objects and their respective cultures were at the core of the debate. Model, backdrop, and controversial narrative, constitute the exhibit.

Installation views at Kunsthalle Fribourg, CH, 2007, and at Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen, 2014