Lost Once More / Sehr verfahren, 2010

Paperback with five short-stories, English/German, 160 pages, black and white images. Published by Christoph Keller Editions JRP Ringier, Zurich

Lost Once More combines stories with vehicles as supporting actors, dealing with motion, weekend forays, pilgrimage and time travel. Visual information provided the starting point for the stories, which the artist commissioned from Ruth Buchanan, Hans-Christian Dany, Mark von Schlegell, Burkhard Strassmann, and Birgit Kempker. A peculiar process of creation and reaction is driving it.

During 2011 a series of evenings with readings, conversations and other forms of presentation has been taking place. Amongst others, at Rönnels Antikvariat, Stockholm, Corner College Zürich, Stampa, Basel, and Salon populaire, Berlin.