Nunavut [our land] 1733 / 1857 / 1922 / 2000, 2018

in collaboration with Rikard Heberling
Nine-colour lithograph, 58.2 x 86.6 cm, on BKF Rives,
in an edition of 15, printed by Thomi Wolfensberger, Zurich

Layered and incongruent lines in this colour lithograph evoke the cultural power inherent to the tool of mapmaking, which has defined and redefined lands in the northernmost area of the Americas, as much as in virtually every part of the world. The legal recognition and affirmation of the land rights of the indigenous Inuit to the territory in the 1980s–90s made it possible to include the possessive pronoun “our“ when the land was renamed.

The print has been created in relation to the project Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense.