dix-sept expositions

dix-sept expositions [seventeen exhibitions] was a one-person show at Galerie Skopia, Geneva, in spring 1998. For the exhibition the street level space was architecturally modified into a normalized white cube by adding two temporary walls, concealing windows. However, the rough backside of the fitting was visible at the entrance.

17 works of different artistic formats, and dimensions, had been brought to the gallery, without specific hanging instructions, for the 17 working days the show was scheduled to be open. In agreement with the gallerist only a single work would be installed at a time. He would select the work and decide upon how to install and present it, with the option to potentially exhibit 17 different works/displays.

Axonometric drawing of the modified space, invitation card,
views of the exhibition, Geneva, 1998

The exhibition list included, among others:

Die Muttersprache [Mother Tongue] (1992 –), a selection of mounted and framed watercolour drawings, varying dimensions, from the ongoing project regarding the iconographies of primary school books of the world’s languages;
Untitled #2 (1994/98), advertisement slogan from a German daily, document with the commissioned translation into French, colour paper lettering, variable dimensions;
Productnames (1998), 30 drawings, pencil, feltpen and watercolour on photocopy, 21 x 29.7 cm each, laying out a Chinese to German translation process;
Traductions (1993/97), four vernis mou etchings, 31.9 x 24 cm each, laying out a German and French to Ewe translation process;
Buy Africa (plus bonus cuts) (1996), inkjet print, 120 x 300 cm; Album (1996/97), heliogravure, 56 x 76 cm;
Mother Tongue (Winterhude) (1994), silkscreen, 12 sheets adding up to a pair of outdoor posters, 300 x 400 cm each, accompanied by a folder with collected press clippings regarding the posters’ presence in the Winterhude neighborhood of Hamburg, Germany;
Die Biografie (1991), 12 books, varying dimensions;