A Written Orality, 2018

Essay by Canadian anthropologist Louis-Jacques Dorais,
focussing on linguistic and communal dynamics off the Western concept of formal culture. A note by the editors reflects the notion
of language as the ‘place’ of globalisation.

PDF edition, 30 pages, English
Edited by Hinrich Sachs and Fredrik Ehlin
Available via several websites, among others on www.ciera.ulaval.ca, as well as in a printed edition

This essay belongs to a set of materials published in reference to the transformative developments occurring in the realm of writing and speaking today, as triggered by digital communication.
These shifts are part of a cultural process, shaped by structural multilingualism, which is impacting many parts of the globe.
Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense, the editorial framework for these collected and commissioned materials, was initiated by Sachs and Ehlin, and published by Humboldt Books, Milan.